I'm Steve, and Room to Grow is a compilation of my interior decorating musings, as well as some of my own DIYs of my home, as I seek to make every space beautiful.

I'm married to Jackie, and we've been together since 2004 (married in 2007). Our daughter, Hazel, came into our lives in 2010 (and Everett in 2012), and has blissfully changed us, in a way that only a small child can. We're also proud home owners, as of 2011, and currently own a top floor apartment in a newer building, at a whopping 700 sq feet. It's small, but our love is big- and we're turning our home into an extension of who we are, and of the 150 units in our building, I'm pretty sure we're the only ones that have painted (let alone, have a hot pink living room!). And so, with a trusty paint swatch deck in hand, I'm ready for just about anything that'll come my way.