Monday, October 31, 2011

A Second Pipe Dream

It's pretty amazing when one DIY project can effortlessly lead to another. Last week, I posted about a candlestick holder that I had fashioned from some metal pipes and paint. That project in itself was a test, or "rough draft" that led to the project I want to share with you today.

Almost 5 Christmases ago, IKEA had a 3 tiered candelabra that I had purchased and loved dearly. Over the years, the metal candle holder developed a bit of rust (probably from improper storage) and became very difficult to open and set out. I tossed the thing out last year, and since then have been on the search for a new candelabra. To my dismay, I had yet to find a new one. Upon a stroke of brilliance a week or so ago, I realized- if you can't find what you like for sale, you should make it yourself! And the idea for this candelabra was born! Similar to last week's candle holder, this project took maybe half an hour to complete. I cleaned all the pipes, assembled them into the shape, primed it and painted! I used Autumn Purple for the color, and gave it a good heavy gloss, just to give it some eye candy qualities! (yum)

The only potential setback I came up against with this project was the pipes were about 1/16" too big for the candles- meaning that they leaned or tended to sway to one direction. The solution: wrap the bottom of the candles in several layers of tin foil to build up the depth.

I think what I admire most about this project is the blended contrast of the industrial pipes, with the punch of color. It currently is adding a dose of humor to our dining room table- but I think this candelabra is versatile enough to fit into most schemes!

P.S. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Color Of The Week: Hazy Lilac

This week's color is a muted dusky purple- a tone that I just can't seem to get right. It's a fine line between being either too pink or too gray. I think this purple hits it right on the mark. I used to have this impulse to paint our bathroom this color- and who knows, maybe someday, that dream may come true. But, while I truly love muted tones, it's a struggle to incorporate them into a house full of bright, saturated colors. I'm also a pretty big fan of the Hazy Lilac color, as "Hazy" is a common nickname that we use for Hazel at home- so it just fits nicely.

Hazy Lilac 2126-40
While I have given up on purple hues over the past few months, the onset of Fall has brought them back to my mind, and I am feeling particularly inspired this week by a new line of furniture at IKEA. This is the ISALA Laptop Table- a style that fuses traditional elements with a modern twist. I absolutely love the color- and feel it fits in well with the Hazy Lilac tone.

ISALA Laptop Table
Lilacs carry with them a great deal of serenity, and are usually thought to be represented as a spiritual color. I'd stray from using a lilac as a main neutral, but rather in small rooms that could use an airy vibe. In the meantime, I'm going to save this one in the "color bank" as a resource for a well-deserved furniture project for the future. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think that it's come to light that hoarding simply is one of those unforgivable sins in our culture (just think of all those hoarding TV shows that now exist)- the problem is, whether we want to admit it or not, we're all guilty of the crime on some level, and watching others hoard worse than us makes our own hoarding feel a bit more acceptable.

When you look around your living quarters, ask yourself this question: is my junk functional and contributing to my daily life? It's good to be surrounded by items with nostalgic value, and not everything has to be dual purposed. But, how much of our junk exists simply because we once spent money on it, and simply can't bear the thought of parting with it?
Enter the rule of 10%, which is: in your living space (specifically in your home organizers), you always want to reserve 10% of the space, or leave 10% empty to allow for new things to enter your life. If you're always living with no vancancy, you're not opening yourself up to any newness, or clutter will accumulate pretty quick!

To help assist with the decluttering process, consider having an outbox in your home. The outbox doesn't necessarily have to be a box, but an area that can house items that are ready to be parted with. Think of the outbox as a tool to help you seperate first, and to remove the item from your home later. Give any item in your outbox a week's stay, to allow you to process whether or not you're ready for the item to be removed from your life. After a week, consider whether the process worked and if you're ready to part with it, or if you feel it has substantial enough value to remain in your home.

Decluttering is an avid choice, and requires very little work- but rather, the emotional choice of letting go of the things around us. But, in reality, if you haven't used an item or appreciated it within the past 3 months, there's a strong chance that the item is ready to be decluttered from your life.

If our homes are a reflection of our lives and our personal journeys, perhaps having too much stuff, and leaving no room for growth or change speaks volumes as to who we are as people. Give yourself 10%- it will go a long way.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here's a Tip

If you'd asked me 2 years ago if I'd ever own a piece of painted furniture, or if I'd even re-paint a furniture item myself, I would've scoffed at you. And now, painted thrifted furniture items are some of the most loved treasures in my home. Throggh the many adventures of trying to prime and get into all the crevices of a furniture piece properly, there still is one chore that I despise like none other: painting the legs of a furniture piece! From what I've experienced, there literally is no way to get a good proper paint job on the legs. Well, at least, there wasn't: I came across this great tip from Martha Stewart (same source that prompted my carpet ghost post)- and she has a brilliant suggestion:

Before you begin painting, tap a finishing nail into the underside of each furniture leg. Turn the furniture item face up, and support the piece on the nails. Raising the piece off the ground will allow for a proper finish of the legs, and will allow the piece to dry properly (without getting stuck to the dropcloth!).

I definetly am going to try this tip out the next time I'm working on a big piece. (which hopefully will be sooner than later).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Minute Fall Decorating

If you have just 5 minutes to get some decoarting done this Fall, and just aren't sure what to do- try wrapping a Fall-inspired ribbon around an existing candle for some instant color, pattern, and interest.

I found this owl ribbon at the bottom of the sewing drawer the other day, and just had to incorporate it into our Fall decorating somehow! It was such an easy little project: measure, cut, glue, and admire!

Life can get busy - but carve 5 minutes out of your day to give yourself a break and spend some time admiring the little things in life.

P.S. The above candle is from Bath & Bodyworks (I think it's called "Leaves" or "Falling Leaves" or something like that. We've been burning through it like crazy, and I didn't realize how gross it had gotten with the bits of burnt wicks stuck to the sides of the glass- sick! I apologize for my gross candle etiquette!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pipe Dream

See this picture:

Can you guess what these parts do and what purpose they serve?

...keep guessing...

....I'll give you a hint: the parts are teal-painted 3/4" round plumbing pipes...

...and they combine together to...

... form a candlestick holder!

I know, I spend too much time at work, dreaming up things that I can make with the junk I see around me- but this one is truly inspired!  

I found these parts in a junk pile of plumbing parts, and snagged them for under a buck. The color I used is the Dark Teal that I featured as Friday's Color of the Week, and I through in a pop of bright yellow just because I'm digging the combination lately. To be honest, I'm not sure yet if I'll keep the yellow in there, but we'll see. To prep and paint, I used some warm water to get all the grease off the pipes, and sprayed a coat of dark gray primer. To finish it up, I just used some paint I had kicking around, and used both a fine brush and a thicker one to get into all the crevices of the pipes.

I love how the candlestick holder looks so industrial, but has a funky vibe in that cool teal tone. Now that I've put this candlestick holder together, I'm feeling uber-inspired with the plumbing hardware, and who knows what I'll come up with next!?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Color of the Week- Teal

This week's all about Teal for me- especially when paired with a vibrant yellow. I'm absolutely craving the combination, and have been itching to paint something teal and yellow.

Dark Teal 2053-20

Teal is one of those colors that has certainly come and gone in popularity over the past few years. I see it as a color with an enormous amount of depth, and carries a degree of mystery as well. Our bedroom "headboard" wall is painted a similar shade of teal, and it is definitely striking. I love to see teal used in the main  living spaces- a bedroom, a living room, potentially a small powder room. I personally don't see the tone working well in a kitchen setting- at least, not as a main wall color (room accents are a different story). I especially would love to see dark teal in a library or reading nook- an area that featured strong architectural features- and in a gloss finish. Consider the Fall season and how brilliant this color would look with those burnt oranges and dusky purples! Some say teal is so over, but I think that this shade is here to stay for a long time.

Teal and yellow! YUM!
 P.S. look for this color to appear next week in an upcoming project!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monster Mash

I really want to take all of the credit for this one, but I can't. I saw this drawing online a month or so ago that sported the slogan "learn to love your inner monster", and I instantly fell in love with the concept- the drawing, however, not so much. When I showed the print online to Jackie, she agreed that she liked the concept, but encouraged me to do my own variation (I think her exact words were "you can draw it better"). So, I tweaked it, and kept with some of the original placement. So, last Friday, this was my "Hazel's-napping-and-I-need-something-quiet-to-do project.

I definetly love what this image represents. I think that if you can learn to accept, and even love the darkest parts of you, you will ultimately become a more whole person, and will inevitebly have more power over that darkness. (I know- a little preachy, but whatever).

My inspiration:
a little bit Helena Bonham Carter,
and a little bit Marge Simpson

When I get a chance, I anticipate on framing the drawing and propping it on our IKEA picture ledge- once again proving its functionality, as I can switch images at my leisure. (*woot*)
In a roundabout way, I also feel that this image is my contribution for a Halloween craft, and fits in so well with the upcoming celebration. Oh, and Hazel also really likes it- she loves to point at the monster and say "OOOOooooOOOO".

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Twine Pumpkin

While Jackie was out the other night, I had to itch my crafting bug and make something. I came across this tutorial on Homepodge (a compilation of submitted crafts and home decor) and have been wanting to get this project done for the past month or so. The twine pumpkin is not my original concept or idea, but  I'm really pleased with the results.

Out of the closet reno we gained a much roomier closet for storage- but I also found the extra floor space perfect for getting projects done- the closet has essentially become my own workshop. The supplies for the craft were simple enough: twine, glue, and a balloon. The project required me to blow the balloon up (to about the size of a pumpkin), and wrap glued twine tightly around the balloon in haphazard sweeps. It seemed easy enough in theory, but it was quite difficult to keep the string glued down. It kept flopping off, and sticking to me, and I ended up becoming a gooey-sticky-peeling-mess. Eventually I learned the secret was to pull the string VERY tight, and it stayed put. I let the balloon-covered-in-glued-string mess dry for about 2 hours, at which time, it had dried a bit and was pliable. I popped the balloon, and sculpted the string into a pumpkin shape and let it dry over night. At this point, I was less than impressed with the effort, and figured that I had just wasted a roll of twine, a bottle of glue, and my time. The next morning, I awoke to a hardened string ball, and was thrilled that it actually worked!

To finish it off, I spray painted a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze (*yum*) to give it a bit of shimmer. For the stem, I sculpted a sheet of aluminum foil into a stem shape, and tightly wrapped it in the twine (unpainted). I left a small hole in the bottom of the pumpkin for some mini lights, and when I get the chance, I'll put some in there to have some sweet Fall ambiance. We had my mom and brother over the other night, and she was convinced that I had bought the pumpkin at a store- which is always a great compliment to receive!

The pumpkin is part of our Fall vignette for 2011, and for many Falls to come! I've been aching for the past month to do some sort of Fall craft project, and I definitely recommend trying this one out! It's easy, cheap, and the results are fantastic.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trend to Watch: Owls!

Every season or so, a prominent icon or theme becomes rapidly sought after in the design world- be it a pattern, a symbol, or a color- and this season's hottest trend is the owl.

The owl is often held in esteem as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and independence. The nocturnal aspect of this bird, however, does present a bit of a dark side that we can't help but be drawn to. They are a creature surrounded with silence and mystery, and I think, to be drawn to such a creature does indeed say a great deal about yourself.

Being that Fall is upon us, the owl figure is literally everywhere! I've especially noticed the influx of the owl decor through the new West Elm Fall selection. Here are some of the hottest owl-themed accents from West Elm to incorporate into your home this season:

Mercury Owls:

Owl Measuring Cups:

Embroidered Owl Pillow Cover:

Owl Sugar Shaker:

Owl Butter Dish:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Framed pt.2

Alright, back to that picture frame! (for a complete up-to-date-briefing, check out pt.1 over here).

I may have failed to mention in the previous post that when I purchased this frame from the vintage fair, I literally purchased just the frame- no hardware. no glass. none of that good stuff. Having already splurged $20 on the frame itself, I was wanting to do the rest on the cheap (or free, if possible).

Step 1 was to find some sort of glass or protective coating to put in front of the picture in the frame. Plexiglass was $2 at work. done. I figured I'd have to cut it to size (and was highly dreading the task), but I bought a sheet, took it home, and - I kid you not- it fit perfectly into the frame! It was a DIY dream come true!

With the inserted plexi, I was working with a 1/4 of an inch of space to fill in the back so the picture and plexi would fit tight when hung. I found a sheet of cardboard, cut it to size, and was still left with about an 1/8" of space. I turned the place upside down in search of more cardboard, and turned up empty handed! I probably could've waited until morning to get another piece, but I was on a roll, and improvised- I cut up strips of card stock and glued them in strips to achieve my desired thickness. Brilliant, right? To hold it all together, I mounted 4 L-brackets - one in each corner, and attached some picture hanging wire, and the frame itself was ready to mount! ta-da!

While Jackie was hanging the frame, Hazel wanted to
get in on the action- here she is in her mini Home Depot
apron with a sponge hammer toy! So rad!

We figured that the best location for the frame would be on the left side of our massive living room window, against the pink wall. We now had to choice what sort of image we would want framed. For a long time, we've discussed getting a giant picture of Hazel- potentially in black and white. We went through every single picture of her, and finally decided on a recent one- it's a picture of her, trying on her grandma's glasses- and grandma took the picture quickly with her iPhone. It's very cute and quirky. Jackie used a site called Picnik to edit it a bit (try it out- it's free!) and ended up doing a black and white filter, with just a few subtle colored highlights. Lesson learned with this project: iPhones don't take gallery-quality photos (at least, not when blown up to 11 x 14 size). Up close, it's kind of pixelated, but we'll mostly be viewing it at a distance anyway.

All in all, I'm really satisfied with this project, and am very proud to be an owner of an embellished frame. And the picture of Hazel is pretty awesome too.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Color Of The Week: Fiji

I think I'm overdue for a good shot of blue. This week's pick is Fiji from Benjamin Moore's Affinity line- and it's just the blue I've been craving. I know, I know- a color called Fiji isn't an ideal choice for the onset of Autumn. But, the color itself is so perfect for fall. It's a muted blue that completes those oranges, yellows, and greens so well! Blue is a perfect base color for almost any space, and everyone looks good against it. So often, a bold blue is pegged as an accent option, as people become fearful of its saturated power, but I love it as a whole room option (see below), as it really enlivens the space and doesn't make a room feel smaller, but plays up the space.

Fiji, Benjamin Moore

According to a recent survey conducted by Dulux paints, blue is the most popular color in the world- preferred by 42% of males and 30% of females. To contast, yellow is the least favorite color of all, getting only 5% of the vote. And, oddly enough- both men and women equally begin to dislike the color orange as they age. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Vertical Toy Chest

At the onset of this blog, one of the first DIY projects I shared was Hazel's Toy Chest, which inevitably, was a better idea in theory than in practicality. The problem with the chest is that she is unable to use it, as the lid is quite heavy and a little out of reach. It since then has become Hazel's Toy Chest for soft toys and stuffed animals. Which in turn, has left all the other toys to gather in a general pile in the corner. Simply unacceptable for the organized life, right?

In our closet upheaval, one of the items that was removed was a simple white cabinet with 2 doors. It was originally stacked on top of our EXPEDIT unit to house art supplies. With the closet reno, we were able to better organize the EXPEDIT, and actually had no need, nor room for, this white cabinet. So, off to the donation pile it went. But, it didn't stay there very long. Immediately, once her play kitchen was completed, Hazel took right to it, and Jackie suggested to use the empty cabinet as a fridge of sorts. We bounced the idea around of painting it to look more like a fridge, but didn't really go anywhere with it. Over the past few weeks, it has gone from housing play food to literally, all of Hazel's toys. And it became a chaotic mess!

The solution? IKEA? Nope, not this time. Instead, we went on a walk to the dollar store. I figured that with the 3 shelves, we could use the bottom for large toys, and the top 2 for some bins. We happened upon these lovely kelly green bins (I have a soft spot in my heart for this color!) at $1.50 each! Beat that, IKEA! (but, please don't hate me for my dollar store enthusiasm). I've always been a little skeptical of dollar store purchases. They generally stink, and simply being in the store itself is always such a depressing experience. But we have a brand new store next to our Benjamin Moore, and it's always so clean, and only stinks a little bit!

The 4 bins we purchased fit perfectly- almost as though they were made for the space! But, looked a little bland. I decided to label the bins with drawings of the toys that were supposed to go in each bin.
Here's one for Hazel's Mr. Potato Heads:

One for her play food and kitchen gadgets:

One for her Little People Collection:

And one for miscellaneous:

wasn't too sure what to draw for this one. So, I ended up drawing one
of her Zhu Zhu pets... I'm still not sure why. I really don't like those things.
Once Hazel turns the toy on, I'm never quite sure how to shut the thing off
and it squeaks into all late hours! If anyone has any advice as to how to
turn off a Zhu Zhu pet, please let me know!!!
 I attached the drawings to the bins and used some clear contact paper to protect them from any scratches or dings that could happen. At this point, I stopped to realize one of two things: Firstly, the shelving unit is, by no means, safe for a child's play as is. It needed to be wall mounted, as the unit was quite narrow and a bit top-heavy. I found an L-bracket, and mounted the shelving unit to the pink wall (sorry pink wall, this might hurt a little!). I love that the unit is short enough for her to reach toys stacked on top, and there is a bit of space above the chest that could be perfect for a little shelf (if her toy collection accumulates too much).

Secondly, the green was brilliant on the inside, but the outside was a little lacklustre. I wasn't about to go painting the entire unit (as tempting as that may be!), but decided to add just a little pizazz. See those gray handles:
These are the old handles. Obviously, my project got ahead on me,
and I attached the new ones before I had a chance to take a picture,
so, use your imagination a bit!

Pretty boring, right? Well, I found this pair for .50 at work (metal handles from a Martha Stewart kitchen and on the cheap too- ooh lala), and painted them a high gloss bright yellow (<3). I'm digging the yellow and white combination against the pink. The trio of colors is my favorite combination right now- and the rest of our place better watch out before I paint everything in those colors!

Oh, and while I was at it, Our pantry cupboard had the same old handles as the vertical toy chest, so I painted them Oil Rubbed Bronze (yes, I'm still obsessed) and swapped them out too. I know, it's a little change, but it's the little changes that matter the most.

Once again, a piece of furniture that was headed for the dump has found a new purpose in our home, and is providing us with daily function... that is, it will be, once we get the message of only one toy bin out at a time across.

And there you have it: a vertical toy chest! (...or, a repurposed shelving unit that now holds toys).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorate Your Door

A door is more than just a passage to travel through. It's a symbol of invitation into your home and into your life. To invite someone in through the door is to invite them to share in your living space. And the first impression starts with the doorway.

As Fall weather is approaching, most of our thoughts are leaning towards indoor activities. But consider, before the weather gets too cold, to give your front doorway a well needed makeover.

Firstly, try giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Use a semi or full gloss, as it gives a bit of pizazz and will also make cleaning grubby fingerprints much easier. The trend as of late is to choose a bright color, and this year's hottest door trend is yellow! Use bright yellows in a full gloss to add a sense of cheer to your home and to create an excitable first impression.

Another way to make over the door is with some new street numbers. True, the door isn't the typical spot for street numbers to appear, but try placing some mismatched numbers from thrift stores in the center of the door. Or, use a stencil to paint the numbers directly on the door itself. With this option, you can vary the size of the numbers to as big or as little as you want.

Finally, give the door hardware an update by purchasing new knobs, or by spray painting the existing ones. Painting, obviously being the more cost effective means, is a project that can easily be completed in an afternoon (just be sure to give the knobs plenty of dry time before reattaching). Choose a color or finish that will contrast well with the new door color. For example, try mixing up a gloss yellow door with some Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware. It will add a bit of sparkle, and will look very chic of you!

I realize not everyone has the means to decorate their front doors (apartment dwellers, I feel your pain!), and front doors to units generally have to be identical-but, who's to say that you can't deck out the backside of your door? Consider this: whenever guests- or even you, for that matter, leave your home, the backside of the front door is the last thing they'll see of your home. It's essentially the last chance you have to make an impression- so make it count! There's a plethora of options for front door-backside decorating! Go all out and wallpaper your door!

Or Blow up a family or inspirational image, and attach it. Pull off the FRIENDS look and find an ornate picture frame, and frame the door's peephole. Consider purchasing a wall decal with an inspirational phrase or word. Or simply, just write the word "bye!" on the door. Such little quirks will remain in the minds of your guests and family, as they reflect on the time well spent with you.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tea Tin Upcycle

On Saturday, I was cleaning out our tea cupboard... getting rid of some expired tea (I didn't realize that dried leaves could have an expiration, but apparently they do), and compiling tins of like tea together. All this to say, once I was done, the cupboard didn't really seem to have that much more room- but isn't that always the way with cleaning? Out of the process, I ended up with an empty tin that used to hold a mint tea:

Were it a cardboard box, I might've had the heart to recycle it. But, it just seemed to be the perfect shape and size to be useful, so I put my brain to work.

Immediately, I thought of Hazel's play kitchen. She has a few measuring spoons and cooking tools that don't really have a home. I've considered hanging some hooks on the side to hang these items from, but it seems like a bit of safety hazard, and I'm having trouble finding cup hooks that fit these tools. Enter the tea tin: it's the perfect size to house these items, and will make clean up quicker than having to re-hook every item on.

I peeled the label off carefully to reveal a silver-like finish underneath. It looked decent with the kitchen, but seemed to lack some character. I rummaged through my scrapbook paper (which, I seldom use for scrapbooking), and found this one sheet that incorporated the orange and brown tones of the kitchen perfectly (and had a bit of yellow too!). The colors and patterns had this vintage feel about it, and it seemed to be the perfect choice.

Attaching the paper was a cinch: I simply cut it to fit, pasted the entire tin's exterior with Mod Podge, and slowly pressed the paper on for a smooth finish. Done. 

I cannot believe that the same tin can is hiding underneath that gorgeous paper! And as a utensil holder, it fits so well into the look of the play kitchen.
The project took me about 5-10 minutes to complete, and was the perfect little distraction while I was coloring my hair. Hazel loved the new addition to her kitchen, and it's a cute way to organize her things. And so, another tea tin has been rescued from the dump, and has simply shifted from our cupboard into a new home as part of a play kitchen set.

Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Official

I'm pretty stoked:


My business cards just arrived! We ordered a bunch of them at a smoking deal- and my lovely wife designed them herself! I was looking for a damask/ brocade background, but wanted it to have a masculine feel, and she hit it right on the mark! I think they look fantastic- let me know if you want one, or a couple to refer to other people!

And, if you haven't lately, come check out our interior decorating site: we just uploaded some pictures into the portfolio section (with more to come), just to seem a bit more legit.

So, with business cards in hand, and website ready to rock, I can't wait to break into the design world!

Chalkboard Wall Wisdom

Here is some chalkboard-wall-wisdom, from our home to yours:

And most importantly:

Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


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This post is a bit of a rant and a curiosity at the same time. I've noticed an abundance of folk lately inquring at work, as to whether or not we sell wall stencils (the answer is no, just in case you were one of those folk). From my experience, of being a product of the mid-80s, stenciling was essentially a floral border painted along the top or mid section of a wall. It was a means of being different, without being too flashy.

Fast forward 20 years, and somehow, stenciling is cool again. It's the next step in the feature wall/ wallpaper/ wall decal evolution. The problem with wallpaper is that people want the flashy design, but are terrified of getting a sheet of paper wet, and hanging it on their wall. Painting a stencil, on the other hand, is a more managable task for some. The beauty of stenciling is that it's done with latex paint, and if you don't like it, or grow tired of the look- you can simply paint over it. Modern stencils feature large, continuous pattern that make quite the statement. Most stencil-ers will argue that stenciling is much more cost effective than wallpapering. And while that may be true, stenciling can take up to double, if not triple the time!

image from Designamour
For example, recently on a blog I follow (Young House Love- go check it out!), these 2 DIYers decided to stencil their entire office (from the chair rail and up). While the entire project only cost around $70, it took them 13.5 hours to complete the entire project! While I admire their dedication to the project, I'm still stunned by the amount of time the stenciling took. If I were to ever invest that much time in a stencil, I literally don't think that I could ever bring myself to paint over it. 

image from Young House Love
Given the choice between the stencil and wallpaper, I'm still likely to choose the wallpaper. But for a small project, I think I may just have to give the stencil a try!