Rooms To Go

I can't count how many people I encounter in a day that struggle with the same common issue: they want their house to be an expression of who they are, but have no clue how to bring that expression to life. They wonder what colors will work, what textures will tie it all together, what surface materials will set up the proper framework. My Rooms to Go installations are a solution to that very issue. Centered on a particular theme, these are the colors and core elements of  room schemes that I've envisioned.

-Kitchen to Go

-Bedroom to Go (Spring Shower)

-Living Room to Go: Orange's Blues

-Dining Room to Go- Au Naturel

-Office to Go: Yes I Can!

-Entryway to Go

-(Ghost) Room to Go

-Living Room to Go- Modern Optimism

-Pretty Dressing Room to Go

-(Modern) Pretty Dressing Room to Go

-Eve's Bathroom to Go

-Library to Go

-Robo-Room to Go

-Pesto's Room to Go

-Modern India Living Room to Go