Monday, January 30, 2012

It's Been Awhile...

Well, I'm going to see if I can kick-start this whole home decor blogging thing again, and get posting more often (at lease more than once a month, if at all possible).

There are many projects on the go at home, and I hope to share some of them with you soon.

And so, here is my revised, self-inflicted honey do list (in no particular order)

1. Re-cover a roman shade in a fabric we like, and attempt to mount it to a metal door.

2. Mount a safety-chain lock to the front door (to be more safe)

3. Paint the bathroom! (we did pretty good- the bathroom's only been 2 colors in one year, and it's time to switch it up)

4. Find a home and a purpose for this white metal medicine-style cabinet from IKEA.

5. Salvage thrift stores for a new side table for the deck for gardening season! (the LACK table has seen better days... the veneer is starting to strip off... sketchy).

6. Do some family tree inspired artwork as a family!

7. Repaint my metal pipe candlestick holders... yet again.

8. Get some pictures hung up- it's almost been a year, I think it's time to get settled in!

9. Donate like crazy! If we don't use it, it's gotta go!

We'll see where these adventures take us- and I'll do my best to avoid yet another failed attempt at blogging.

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