Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let There Be Light!

I have to admit- and I do quite often- if our living room did not have vaulted ceilings, we probably would not have bought the place we did. And now we're spoiled- and it'll be difficult to adjust to an 8 foot standard ceiling if we ever move. The downside to our vaulted ceiling design is, there is only a single light in the room- a mini track light- facing the TV. The rest of the room is very dark- and I can't even imagine what it'll be like in winter when days get short. So, enter IKEA! A few months ago, while browsing, we found the HEMMA light- in 2 colors- green and blue- the exact shades that we have featured in our home!!!


I braved a ladder the other night and mounted the hardware, which was easy enough to do.


We wanted to get some edison bulbs, but they were a bit pricy, so we ended up getting some that looked close enough, with 40W... shouldn't be too bright, right?

The extension cords flow down behind our BJURSTA storage unit, and are plugged into a Belkin Conserve- an eco-friendly power bar. The price tag on the Conserve was a bit steep... but the lights were cheap.. so, it all worked out. The Conserve comes with a remote control that you can wall mount to switch whatever electronics are plugged in up to 60 sq ft.

And yes, 2 bulbs at 40W with no covers is very bright! It definetly startled us when we turned them on! We're considering purchasing an orange and a white HEMMA to intertwine around these 2, to make it even more interesting. And, my favorite part- the on/off switch. Love it. I seem to have a habit of turning them off. and on. and off. and on. I think it's getting a bit annoying for everyone else though...

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