Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bathroom Art 2.0

It's pretty typical. People usually come over, and the first thing they say is, "oh my god, I loove your entryway- it's so bright and fun!". And we thank them, and move on. And then they say, "woow, I loove your hot pink living room", and usually follow it up with a comment on how they wish they had brighter colors in their home. And statements like these cause me to realize that our entire place is a conversation starter, just waiting to happen. But, hands down, the best surprise of all is when one of them uses the bathroom, and come out with a big grin on their face. And I can tell that they've just seen our designated towel holders and the personalized artwork that accompanies it (all chronicled over here).

As Hazel has gotten a bit bigger, and no longer has her mouth hidden by an enormous pacifier, I decided to update her picture, and personalize it a bit to her likes and who she is. I drew her as a mermaid, in a yellow tutu, discovering treasure. The mermaid bit was a must, as she is enamoured with all things ocean, and as especially been on the mermaid bandwagon ever since Barbie came out with a mermaid movie (just in case you weren't aware, Barbie has decided to stop being a plastic doll, and is now starring in animated children's films). The tutu is a homage to her love of dancing, and she is certainly ahead of the pack when it comes to movement. And finally, the discovery of treasure is all about how fascinated she is by the world around her- and how every day brings her wonderment and surprise.

Next up is Everett's first drawing. This one I struggled with a bit, as he's only a couple of months old, and hasn't really taken up interests such as mermaids or dance as of yet. How do you possibly capture the personality of someone who is just becoming who they are?- it's a pretty daunting task. I decided to go a bit generic and draw him in his whale bath tub- and the thing that I wanted to capture most with his drawing was his smile. He has a great smile- it truly takes up his entire face. And his laugh sounds just like something out of a Huggies commercial. The green frame is one that we picked up at IKEA when we were newly pregnant with him- long before we knew that he was a boy. And it is one of the best colors on him. After drawing both his and Hazel's pictures, I'm interested to see what his next update will be, and what sorts of interests and changes will accompany it.

And finally, here's the whole family: I decided not to update Jackie's and my picture, as I still get quite a kick out of them. We're hoping to get some new towels for us- maybe our own color too, or something to match our frames. And it's not merely a cosmetic change, as we've had these towels for a looong time, and it's time for something fluffy and new. When we hung the towel hooks, we hung four, and used the far right one has a guest towel hook for the longest time, just saving it for the day when our family of 4 would be complete. This is probably one of my greatest artistic achievements, and it brings me joy every morning. And I'll never grow tired of witnessing someone step out of our bathroom, having seen the pictures for the first time, with a massive grin on their face.

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