Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall is Here

I was having coffee with a friend last night, discussing the change of seasons, and how- on many levels- it just doesn't feel like Fall yet. Sure, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are abundant. And, I suppose there's an occasional barren tree, surrounded by a base of orange leaves. But, something seems missing. So, I had Hazel help me bring a little bit of Fall into our home.- which, for the record, Hazel doesn't seem to understand the concept of Fall, as whenever I tell her that Fall is here, she says, "oh, Fall!", and drops to the ground.

Below is the latest addition to our Fall decor- it's a white ceramic owl that I bought for Jackie on the first day of Fall, to help ring in the new season. Knowing us, once Fall is done, I'm pretty sure that the owl will take up permanent residence in our living room- but, who knows.

Oh, and speaking of owls- I pretty much spent the entire 2011 year blogging whenever applicable about the owl butter dish from West Elm. Well, I definitely bought it as a surprise for Jackie for Christmas. I love it's sunny yellow color, and now that our family is a unit of 4, it holds that much more meaning.

Anyways, back to Fall- with the chilly night air seeping into our living room, that Hazel and I have just decorated, and with a fresh batch of candy corn, and orange candles glimmering, Fall is here, and wherever you are.

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