Sunday, August 21, 2011

Brass Attack!

Dear God, please say it isn't so!

Brass is making a comeback....

My question is: For something to make a comeback, that means that it must be sought after or in high demand from a group of people... and if so, who are these people? Who is actually seeking brass to become a part of their daily lives? Or perhaps this is some cruel joke, and the whole design world is getting Punk'd....

Just check out this round-up of current brass resources:

Meurice Square Table Lamp:

Why, Jonathan Adler?! Why?!

Oval Door Knocker:

Bashful Brass Hook:

Meurice Chandelier:

Some shades are a little more offensive than others. For example: antique brass (see the hook pictured above)- that I can live with, and if featured in a rustic or period style room, could look quite fitting. On the other hand, the true, bright brass in all its yellow glory... definetly can't justify that one.

While on the topic of this brass catastrophe, a month ago, while at a thrift store, we stumbled upon some brass drawer/ closet door knobs. The had this lovely floral design, and at 25 cents each, we picked up for a rainy day project, and planned to spray paint them a glossy bright color (I'd include a picture of these knobs- but I think they're still hanging out in the trunk of our Versa). But, they just seemed a little too familiar to me. Later that week, at Jackie's parents' house, I was opening the pantry door, looked down, and found myself embracing that exact same knob. I took a look to my right at the hall closet doors- same knobs. It was too ironic and funny- the same knobs that we thought needed a makeover were at my inlaws'. In her defense, my mother-in-law did claim that she is planning on switching those out to a more modern, brushed nickel finish.(Which means that we might end up with even more knobs for that rainy day project).

Brass is definetly not my thing. I could see it working (maybe) in very small doses. I still don't think I would peg it as trend-worthy. Just saying. Oil Rubbed Bronze, on the other hand... :-D!

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    Seriously, what's the appeal?! I'm not even a big fan of gold and brass just looks like CHEAP gold!

    I also agree that the aged brass is fine. At least in moderation!