Monday, August 29, 2011

Yarn Jewelry Holder

Last night, before we headed out for a nice date of white chocolate cheesecake <3, Jackie busted out this simple, but interesting DIY for an earring holder.

The glass broke off this black frame that we had from IKEA, and it's been sitting in our closet for the past year, collecting some dust.

Jackie tightly wrapped some chartreuse colored yarn around the frame, in a haphazard design and ended up with a framework that she could use to hang her earrings from.

We hung the frame in our bathroom- as it was a practical place to keep the jewelry, and the yarn really popped against the gray walls.

The project itself literally took less than 5 minutes to complete- maybe 10 if you count us trying to hang the thing too. But I'm a really big fan of the look. I also love that it was free to make, and upcycled a broken frame- something that would've likely been tossed away because we had no use for it. And, because the project is so quick to complete, we could easily switch up the color at our leisure. So, there you have it: functional art at our fingertips. And maybe I should get her a few more earring pairs to fill the jewelry holder up a bit more. :=)

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