Friday, October 7, 2011

Color of the Week: October Leaf

While strolling through the mall last week (specifically for some 2 for $25 and an additional 20% off candles from Bath & Body Works!) we came to an unsightly conclusion: beyond the Autumn fragranced candles at this bath store, Fall was absent from the entire mall! I wanted to swing by the Gap to find a nice orange sweater for the season. About 5 years ago, I purchased an orange pull over identical to this week's color, and it had a bit of brown stitiching in it, and to me, it clearly embodied what Fall was all about. Since then, the sweater has aged and ended up in a donation pile, but I am seeking a new clothing item that can offer that same nostalgia. And to our chagrin, everything in the clothing stores was navy and red. I also noticed a surplus of black, white, grey, and silver tones! But no warm oranges, browns, or golds in sight! It was somewhat of a depressing scene. It was almost as though our local retailers had bypassed our favorite season and jumped right into winter.

This color of the week is dedicated to that very orange that is nowhere in sight! That's the beauty of color- if there's a color you need to be surrounded by in your life, it's simply only a trip to the paint store away!
October Leaf, Martha Stewart Paints
This orange is featured from Martha Stewarts' paint line, and is so rich, you can almost taste it! It's a warm burnt orange that you may find in the shadows of a caramel-dipped apple, or (obviously) within a pile of neatly raked leaves. This color embodies Fall at its finest, and would be a welcomed addition as an accent or main color in any major living area. It brings a sense of coziness with it, and- they also say that orange is an excellent color for stimulating conversation! Try out a rich orange in your living room and it will instantly spice up your social life!


  1. I love this color and want to use it as an accent color on one wall but I am having a hard time finding a suitable color for the remaining walls of the room. Any suggestions???

  2. Check out Chocolate Swirl by Behr Ultra- It's a solid brown that goes well with warm tones