Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trend to Watch: Owls!

Every season or so, a prominent icon or theme becomes rapidly sought after in the design world- be it a pattern, a symbol, or a color- and this season's hottest trend is the owl.

The owl is often held in esteem as a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, and independence. The nocturnal aspect of this bird, however, does present a bit of a dark side that we can't help but be drawn to. They are a creature surrounded with silence and mystery, and I think, to be drawn to such a creature does indeed say a great deal about yourself.

Being that Fall is upon us, the owl figure is literally everywhere! I've especially noticed the influx of the owl decor through the new West Elm Fall selection. Here are some of the hottest owl-themed accents from West Elm to incorporate into your home this season:

Mercury Owls:

Owl Measuring Cups:

Embroidered Owl Pillow Cover:

Owl Sugar Shaker:

Owl Butter Dish:

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