Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Decorate Your Door

A door is more than just a passage to travel through. It's a symbol of invitation into your home and into your life. To invite someone in through the door is to invite them to share in your living space. And the first impression starts with the doorway.

As Fall weather is approaching, most of our thoughts are leaning towards indoor activities. But consider, before the weather gets too cold, to give your front doorway a well needed makeover.

Firstly, try giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Use a semi or full gloss, as it gives a bit of pizazz and will also make cleaning grubby fingerprints much easier. The trend as of late is to choose a bright color, and this year's hottest door trend is yellow! Use bright yellows in a full gloss to add a sense of cheer to your home and to create an excitable first impression.

Another way to make over the door is with some new street numbers. True, the door isn't the typical spot for street numbers to appear, but try placing some mismatched numbers from thrift stores in the center of the door. Or, use a stencil to paint the numbers directly on the door itself. With this option, you can vary the size of the numbers to as big or as little as you want.

Finally, give the door hardware an update by purchasing new knobs, or by spray painting the existing ones. Painting, obviously being the more cost effective means, is a project that can easily be completed in an afternoon (just be sure to give the knobs plenty of dry time before reattaching). Choose a color or finish that will contrast well with the new door color. For example, try mixing up a gloss yellow door with some Oil-Rubbed Bronze hardware. It will add a bit of sparkle, and will look very chic of you!

I realize not everyone has the means to decorate their front doors (apartment dwellers, I feel your pain!), and front doors to units generally have to be identical-but, who's to say that you can't deck out the backside of your door? Consider this: whenever guests- or even you, for that matter, leave your home, the backside of the front door is the last thing they'll see of your home. It's essentially the last chance you have to make an impression- so make it count! There's a plethora of options for front door-backside decorating! Go all out and wallpaper your door!

Or Blow up a family or inspirational image, and attach it. Pull off the FRIENDS look and find an ornate picture frame, and frame the door's peephole. Consider purchasing a wall decal with an inspirational phrase or word. Or simply, just write the word "bye!" on the door. Such little quirks will remain in the minds of your guests and family, as they reflect on the time well spent with you.

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