Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monster Mash

I really want to take all of the credit for this one, but I can't. I saw this drawing online a month or so ago that sported the slogan "learn to love your inner monster", and I instantly fell in love with the concept- the drawing, however, not so much. When I showed the print online to Jackie, she agreed that she liked the concept, but encouraged me to do my own variation (I think her exact words were "you can draw it better"). So, I tweaked it, and kept with some of the original placement. So, last Friday, this was my "Hazel's-napping-and-I-need-something-quiet-to-do project.

I definetly love what this image represents. I think that if you can learn to accept, and even love the darkest parts of you, you will ultimately become a more whole person, and will inevitebly have more power over that darkness. (I know- a little preachy, but whatever).

My inspiration:
a little bit Helena Bonham Carter,
and a little bit Marge Simpson

When I get a chance, I anticipate on framing the drawing and propping it on our IKEA picture ledge- once again proving its functionality, as I can switch images at my leisure. (*woot*)
In a roundabout way, I also feel that this image is my contribution for a Halloween craft, and fits in so well with the upcoming celebration. Oh, and Hazel also really likes it- she loves to point at the monster and say "OOOOooooOOOO".

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