Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Decorating Mantras to Live By

Decorating your home- where to begin!? It truly is an impossible question to answer- at least in  short form. I have complied and come up with some statements that- I believe- if followed, can help guide your journey as you turn your living space into a home that is an extension of you and your family.

1. Every element needs an element of life to sustain it. Incorporate plants, flowers, fish, and other living entities to combat a stagnant flow.

2. Pursue quality, not clutter! When purchasing an item, don't focus so much on the price tag, but consider buying an item once and buying it right.

3. Surround yourself with memories and hobbies. Display vintage family photographs and items from your favorite pastimes (reading, sports, events) to outline a visual journey of who you are.

4. The closer something is to your body- the nicer it needs to be! Splurge on that Egyptian Thread Count Sheet set, and scrimp with some cheaper drapes.

5. Your life should sparkle: Incorporate some bling into your home!

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