Tuesday, July 5, 2011

(i see that red door and i want to) PAINT IT BLACK!

One of the projects that I worked on recently was painting the back door that leads out to our deck. While I do appreciate a white french door, I just think that a black one has so much more class to it. I spent a good day or two thumbing through swatches of black to find the perfect shade- I wanted a flatter color that still appeared black, and didn't lend too much of a charcoal feel. I ended up using Black Jack 2133-20, as it went well with the other black accents in the room.

This is Black Jack. I also liked a similar shade called
"Witching Hour"... but was a little too creepy for my liking.
  This project was especially important for me, as I was granted approval to paint the door on my own :-D. As previously mentioned on this blog- my painting skills leave something to be desired.... I'm pretty terrible... But I still wanted to do a decent job. So, I busted out the Frog Tape! You might've seen this stuff advertised on TV- essentially, it's a painter's tape coated with a resin that supposedly resists paint. As previously mentioned, it is a french door, so I wanted to get as crisp of lines as possible. I probably spent close to an hour just taping the door. And was disappointed with the results. Even though I spent more time taping than painting, the paint still bled through.

curse you, frog tape!!

After a few touch ups, the door was completed, and I'm actually pretty proud of it. The black presents a certain elegance, and charm. I wish I had taken a "before" picture, but, I"m sure you can imagine what a white door looks like.

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