Friday, July 8, 2011

Color Of The Week: Coral!

*update* this month's issues of Home decor magazines, are referring to this color as tangerine.... likely because coral has negative connatations for people.

This summer is the season in which coral tangerine reigns supreme. At most clothing stores, you see it's variation on every display. It lives in home decor shops in accent pillows and pillar candles. And it pops up everywhere else in geometric designs and with funky textures.

Salsa 2009-20

If you're going to brave this color- don't use it in small doses. Use it large scale for a summertime punch that will bring some added zest and warmth to your home.

I don't anticipate this color trend to last long- at least not past September. But in the meantime, enjoy the coral tangerine ride, before it gets classified as a boringly-intense-peach again. And pair it with some navy for a look that screams Summer 2011!

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