Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Picture That Holds A Thousand Words.

I had this picture recently forwaded to me on my phone... and I don't have an iPhone or Blackberry, so anytime I get photos or other interesting messages, it's a big deal!

The other reason why this picture is so important, is that it's an update on the house that I'm currently helping to re-decorate. The house is a pretty decent size, and I've already had my hand at selecting the colors for the entire house- which, in itself, was a large undertaking. I wanted to select colors that would have strong cohesion and would flow seamlessly from one room to the next- all while feeling distinct. At this current stage, their main bathroom is being updated, and this image is of the tiling job being done. Featured are the glossy white subways tiles that I helped suggest. The accent tile was selected by the couple (again, well done on the selection!), and I suggested they do it in two rows, to match the width of the subway tile, and to start it approximately 12 inches up from the bottom.

It's just bathroom tiles, but it holds such worth to me because it is a visual image of a design concept that I helped conceptualize, that these 2 individuals brought to life. Pretty powerful stuff. As the project continues, I hope to share other pictures and exciting updates with you of my first big design project!

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