Thursday, April 21, 2011

56 sq ft of Disaster

I know it's the "thing" right now, but I think I'm going to swear off wallpaper. I had a customer this week, who bought 12 rolls of wallpaper for her house, hung them all, and had the paper fall off less than 24 hours later. She did all of the proper prep work- but it still would not stick. What a nightmare.We tried a piece of the same paper (and same dye lot) at work- and the paper is still stuck to the wall, and won't come off. It baffles me why the same paper wouldn't hang in someone's home, but it'll stick to an office wall at our store. I realize that the issue must lay deep in her walls- maybe a moisture issue, or something- but stories like this scare me to ever try wallpapering.

But, at the off chance of me changing my mind (which never happens) about wallpaper, here are some patterns to consider:

Sparkle: Teal

Vermicelli BP1714

Sparrow Meadow


Frames: Black and White

Alice: Black

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