Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pink Wall

Since we moved, the biggest request I hear from everyone is to see a picture of our hot pink wall. Well, here it is:

Yes, I requested the wall color. I think it was originally Jackie's idea... but I think she was joking at the time. I thought she was serious, and ran with it! She painted it over the Chinchilla White that was there when we moved in, and she seriously could've pulled it off in one coat! We used Behr Ultra with the paint and primer in one, and it looked fantastic. After searching throuh many swatches of hot pink, the color we picked was Peony 2079-30. Our black leather couch looks especially regal against it, and our blue and green accents in the room tie into the pink wall nicely. I think it's a color that anyone can look good against, and gives a lively hue to our living space.


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