Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Screen

While watching Tangled with my daughter the other day (and if you haven't seen it yet, you probably should, as it's a pretty fantastic Disney movie), I was struck by a common thought and question throughout the entire movie:

Where did the inspiration for all the animated furniture come from and where can I buy it?

I found most of the furniture in Rapunzel's tower very striking- including her wardrobe closet and the green chair (pictured below- I wish I could find a better image).

I think that movies and pop culture can have such a profound influence on the stylistic choices we make, whether we choice to admit it or not. For example, our entryway is painted Electric Blue 2061-40, and makes a pretty big impression when you first walk in.

But the inspiration behind the color for us actually came from the first Sex and the City Movie- it's the exact same color that Sarah Jessica Parker's character paints her entire apartment as part of a home renovation. And seeing the deep blue with the white trim and accessories really struck us, and we wanted to express that same color in our living space.

I think that movies are a great way to "test" color and decor scenarios without having to commit. Leave it up to the set directors to paint you a vivid landscape- and then capture it in your own way!

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