Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dining Room to go- Au Naturel

One of my earliest IKEA memories was strolling through the showrooms, and stopping at this display area that was slathered with natural materials: various wood grains, jute rugs, coarse canvas artwork, and white washed walls. It was unlike anything I had ever witnessed- eye candy for the soul! Rooms that feature natural resources and materials really can connect your interior living spaces to the outside world. But I had often felt that the white washed walls of that particular showroom made the space feel unlivable.

This is my spin on "the natural resource" style room with a smorgasbord of textural components. While the blue backdrop is a cool tone, it presents a certain warmth, and an invitation to come and dine. It's immensely difficult for me to stick to the neutral pallette. I really wanted to add a punch of yellow or green just for a pop of color, but I think the restraint is worth it.

Wall Color:

Blue Heron CC-840

Trim Color:

Wedding Veil 2125-70

Darjeeling Dining Table:

Reed Chair:

Metal-Leg Dining Console:

Round Coco Mirror:

Ubiquity Lamp:

Platium Relief Gourd Vase:

(don't let the bright blue background throw you off!)

Blanket Stitch Jute Rug:

Woven Abaca Pendant:

David Stark Canvas Runner:

David Stark Rope Bowl:

Tall Recycled Glass Vase:

David Stark Canvas Flowers:

Jason Polan Botanical Desert Plates:

Dimpled Drinkware:

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