Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inner Child

When we moved into our home with a small child, one of the obstacles we had to overcome was the hard laminate surface that covered all of the major living areas. While our daughter began learning to crawl and walk, it seemed imperative to bring a "soft" area into our home where she could play. It was also a concern that our coffee table's sharp corners seemed to be a disaster waiting to happen. And so, out went the cheap coffee table, and in came the area rug.

Even though we are young parents with a child running rampant, I never really want our place to look "childish". However, I do want our home to be kid-friendly, and a fun and exciting place for our daughter to grow up- but I don't really want to move stacks of diapers and toys off the couch everytime I want to relax. And so, I admit that when we looked at area rugs, I had my mindset on something a bit more "adult" that would accentuate some of our living room themes. And while thumbing through rugs at Ikea, we stumbled upon this rug with animal silhouettes in the center.


It wasn't quite what I had in mind... but it was $10 cheaper than the one I liked, and was rubber-backed, which would cause it from slipping around... And to my shagrin, that little green rug came home.. and I love it. The shade of green fits in so well with our other green accents, and is a perfect fit.

Bright colors, fun shapes, cheerful designs- sometimes, it just doesn't seem fair that kids' decor gets all the fun. I struggled to see the end result otf the rug in our place until it lay under my feet. But I'm glad I listened to my wife and trusted her instinct! Here are some other "kids" decor items that could help liven up other rooms in your home:
Utopida Elephant Lamp

Clothes Tree Cactus

SKOJIG pendant lamp

Owl Bookends

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