Saturday, April 30, 2011

Office To Go: Yes I Can!

There is nothing quite like a home office. Mine currently consists of either the dining room table or in bed with my netbook in the evening (that's the condo dream, correct?)- but I look back with fondness on our spare bedroom office that we shared in our townhouse. A home office can be a beacon of inspiration for the soul, and a place where your creativity can flow. There's an endless debate that circulates about whether or not an office should reside in the bedroom (as thoughts of work can conflict with a good night's rest), but from my experience, I'm of the opinion of using whatever space is most accessible.

When it comes to the office, a certain movie quote comes to mind from Sarah Jessica Parker's character on the Sex and the City Movie (*please don't chastise me for using more than one reference from the movie on this blog!):

"If I find the right desk, the writing will come!"

The desk truly is both the anchor and starting point for any office. In many office spaces, it's the only piece of furniture, and therefore, needs to count! Below, I've pieced together some necessary elements for a home office. The pinnacle of the room is the red desk. I've had some mixed feelings about red lately. I found myself telling a coworker today that "I'm not really into red this year... 2012 will be my red year". Even though it's not really lining up with my personal tastes as of late, I think that red is powerful (especially when it's lacquered!) and is the boldest of all the colors- and when it's done right, it can be even bolder than a hot pink or a neon yellow! I also find great value in the little details of the office- those trinkets that perform function and bring an element of fun: porcupine-shaded paper clip holders, clear magazine holders, candy colored cubes that tell time. And of course, the popping YES wall-mounted letters adds some in-your-face motivation and humor to the work space. This is an office that is both modern and professional. Inspirational and practical.

Wall Color:

Night Horizon 2134-10

Desk 51:

Chair Chair:

Coop Tower:

Cocò Table Lamp:

Modu-licious #4:

Kanto Magazine Rack:


YES Letters:

Format Desk Accessories:

Juice Box:

Desktop Chalkboard:

Digital Clock Cube:

Dozi Paper Clip Holder:

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