Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Living Room to Go: Orange's Blues.

I hate orange and blue together. In theory, I know that they go well... but I generally fail to see it. In junior high, I had a friend who would wear orange and blue simultaneously almost every day. And I have this memory of me telling him that his clothing color choices were ugly and didn't go well. Anyway, in an effort to better challenge myself, I've put together this living room concept with orange and blue taking center stage (and a bit of chartreuse may make an appearance).

Wall Color:

Decorator's White CC-20

Trim Color:

Kendall Charcoal HC-166

Door Color:

Citron 2024-30 (in high gloss, of course!)

Kent Sofa:

Mediterranean Pillows:

Slot Coffee Table:

Platinum Bird Bowl:

Orange Lacquer Cube Side Table:

Beta Table Lamp:

Industrial Bulb Pendant:

Richard Nixon Throw:

Sumba Ikat Chair:

BESTÃ… media combination with sliding doors:

Herringbone Spine Bookcase:

Squares Rug:

Holga Magnolia print:

Seaspray Vase:

Wall Abacus:

Quittin' Time Clock:

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