Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bedtime and Baby Birds

This isn't another IKEA post... rather, it's a continuation of a previous IKEA post! "Part 1" was recently blogged about over here, with the whole curtain fiasco.

Well, the actual reason why we ended up at IKEA in the first place was to find Hazel a big-girl bed! After lengthy discussion, we decided it was high time to lose the crib, and get Hazel her very own bed. It's a pretty big step to take for all of us, but we wanted to encourage her as she matures, and would only push the bed if she was ready for it. At IKEA, we guided her to pick out a nice white bed with cute little sheep on the headboard. She loved the bed and could climb in and out very easily! The upside: it was The Bedroom Event at IKEA, and we received 30% back in gift cards (like we need any encouragement!). The downside: the bed specs informed us that we needed to purchase a separate guard rail. No biggie- it was only $15. However, when we opened the box up, there was a guard rail included... which means: another trip to IKEA to return it!... so, I guess that's technically another upside.

We've had the bed for a week now, and only had trouble getting her to sleep on day 1- beyond that, she has done remarkably. She never leaves and gets out of the bed- and when she wakes in the morning, she sits in bed and politely waits for one of us to come and get her- such a wonderful child!

Adding the new bed to the room really opened things up- and in that small room, I'll take any square foot I can get! I'll admit, I've occasionally been a little more motivated to work on other aspects of our home: our bedroom, the living room, even the bathroom- before getting around to her room. With the addition of her new bed, she loves hanging out in the room, and is motivation for us to get some pictures hung, and finish up some other projects to make the room even more enjoyable for her.

Step #1: Get some artwork up on those walls! If you're only just getting to know me via this blog, you probably aren't aware that I'm a bit of an artist as well as an interior decorator nut...maybe the two go hand in hand. I drew this picture of a bird (I like to think of it as a baby peacock) a month or so ago. I really wanted to hang it in Hazel's room in a white frame, but the set of frames we had came in a trio... so that would leave 2 frames that needed some art that would accompany the little bird. After trying to make it work with other pieces I've done, Jackie suggested to do 2 more images of the bird in different angles. Brilliant! (but I would never expect anything but brilliance from her!). I whipped up these other 2 drawings, but kept the color scheme the same, just in different areas, to keep a level of continuity.

"three little birds sat on my window,
and they told me that I don't need to worry..."
 When I showed Hazel the framed images after she woke up, she hugged them and squealed. We immediately hung them across from her bed, and it added an instant playfulness to the room. Artwork always surprises me like that- a single image can convey the entire mood of a room in a matter of seconds.

In the near future, we also hope to paint some sort of a mural on her walls, hang a reading lamp by her bed, and hang some crystals from the clouds to imitate rain drops.

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