Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Signs Of Fall

I typically don't get to accessorizing our home with Fall Decor until sometime around Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving, that is). And at that point, it seems so late in the game to really appreciate it, due to the rapid celebration of Christmas right around the corner. This week, the weather changed. It's that change in the air that happens late one night, and after keeping your bedroom open for the past 3 months of Summer, and you realize that it's time to close it up, because it's just getting too chilly in there. That's the very moment that I realized it's time to bust out some Fall decor.

 In the daily craziness of trying to start up a business, and make some Christmas gifts- all on top of the daily motions of life- we hope to get around to doing some DIY Fall projects. And of course, you will be kept posted on those. 

In the meantime, there has been a subtle explosion of orange in our living room. Firstly, do keep in mind that the big pink wall is still in existence. And, yes, we have committed the cardinal sin of introducing orange and pink in the same living space. Part of me cringes every time I think about it. But hey, it's fall- our favorite time of the year!- so why not?

While attempting to get out the Fall decor, we also put the Air Conditioner away- a ritual in itself- and realized that it opened up our living space a bit more... And Jackie was inspired to re-arrange the living room. And once again, surprised me with the flow and how much bigger the room feels!

Here's a small sample of how Fall has broken into our world:

Here's a vignette we put together on the dresser in its new location. Pretty.

A Fall without Japanese Laterns isn't really a Fall at all!

Jackie took this pic/ arranged it with the Fall leaves- shortly after we were engaged.
Even though it has Fall elements, we tend to display this one year round.
And to the right of this picture is a Fall-themed gift card from Starbucks.
No, there isn't any money on it... and yes, we do occasionally borrow them
from Starbucks...

Gerber Daisies on our dining table... not really in celebration
of Fall per se... but they're vibrant and orange!

This is Pierre the Owl. I literally just named him. He lives in our kitchen all
year round. I think he's a cream container... even though neither of us take
cream in our coffee, somehow we just could never part with him.

And finally, the unforgivable sin of the orange next to the pink. It doesn't look as
bad in pictures, but it still doesn't sit right with me. What do you think?-
Are pinkand orange a valid color combo?

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