Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet Gilbert

This is Gilbert. 

This is the 2nd of 3 drawers that I stole awhile back to turn into some planters (check it out here).  I went on a bit of a scavanger hunt for the legs for this one. I wanted something with a bit of flare, and with some great curves that could be accented by a glossy vibrant color. I couldn't find any that I liked at the thrift stores, and as fate would have it- there were a set of 4 on the clearance rack at work (if for nothing else, the advantage of working at a Home Depot is all in the first dibs of Oops Paint and the clearance products). I painted them in Eccentric Lime (glossed them like crazy with water based Varathane) and painted the drawer itself in Stormy Monday (same color as our bathroom- both Benjamin Moore colors).

Gilbert, in his unfinished state.

Side view (aren't those bright green legs sexy?!)

And for the added twist: the moustache! Because moustaches are awesome. By a twist of fluke, I ended up painting the existing handle the same color as the drawer to disguise it a bit, and after the moustache came into play, the handle totally looks like a nose! It was such a welcomed coincidence. I figured that he should be named Gilbert, as it's an old fashioned-sounding name, and I could quite picture a person named Gilbert to flaunt a waxed moustache.

I can't help but feel that Gilbert looks a little unfished to me. Like he needs some more ornate details or a bowler hat, or something. I'll keep that one on the back burner.

In the meantime, I put getting him finished ahead of a few other projects because I wanted to get my bulbs in, and the weather is really starting to shift with a cool chill.

Bright and early this morning, we filled him with dirt, and Hazel helped me pristinely line up a series of bulbs .I'm pretty sure she was able to line the bulbs up more evenly than I did. And the whole time we were out there, she kept looking at me with huge eyes, saying, "wow!" to the entire process. I can't wait until Spring rolls around so she can she the fruits of her labor. I think we managed to squeeze 24 bulbs in there (under most circumstances, I know that bulbs are supposed to be spaced out at least 4" apart, but I love the look of flowers all crammed in tight spaces). Which leaves me approx 15 or so more! So, we've gotta find some spare room somewhere.

While I was at the thrift store looking for furniture legs,
Hazel happened upon the toy in her hand. It was pretty grimy,
and I think that ball on the end used to be clear, but for $1, I couldn't
deny my child of happiness. And she drags that thing with her everywhere!

I still have the third drawer to transform into something awesome, but I think turning it into a planter is out of the question, as it's only about 3 1/2" deep- and the bulbs would have no room for the roots. So, back to the drawing board with this one. If you have any ideas, feel free to throw them my way.


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