Monday, September 12, 2011

Trend to Watch (that I'm a little behind on): Ombre

Ombre is a design that sports a gradual change in shade from light to dark. The effect essentially shows a gradient of that color, and tends to blend seamlessly. The term itself is French, and means "shaded" (Odd, because it sounded kind of Spanish to me... like ambre.. isn't that Spanish for "friend"... oh wait, that's amigo..)
Anyways, it's a trend that I've just caught onto the last legs of and has been going for awhile, hitting up every avenue of design from fashion to hair. And it's even begun to make its way into our homes as well. It personally reminds me of a paint swatch, but with all the little white lines removed.
At the forefront of decor, the ombre design is prevalent in textiles such as curtain panels and throw pillows. What I love about the effect is that, while reminiscent of tie-dye, the process lends to a more thoughtful and strategic nature.
Ombre also exists in furniture- from dipped chair legs, to dresser drawers that sport a gradient of a single color.

I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect furniture piece with a series of drawers to try this effect out on. I suspect it could get a bit costly to get 6 different cans of paint mixed to execute it properly... but great design comes at a price!

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