Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mission for Missoni

I had another day off... and this time, we ventured into the great big land of TARGET! (or Tar-jay -said with a sexy French accent). Now, you must understand: a trip to Target is a very big deal for us, as we don't have the luxury of Target in our country (at least, not until 2013 rolls around and our Zellers will be taken over, woot!) and it could also potentially mean a trip to Taco Bell for some cheap greasy food (instead, it ended up as a semi-formal dinner at Olive Garden!). Ah, life over the border... if only..

Anyways, the whole point of the Target trip was to go and find some awesome Fall decor at a great price... and we wanted to check out Halloween goodies, because the candy is at a way better price than it is in the Great North. (we ended up snagging a huge 40 ounce bag of chocolate bars for $30).

And I secretly wanted to check out the whole Missoni selection. Missoni, what's that?- you may be wondering. Firstly, Missoni is an Italian fashion house in Varese. Essentially they pump out wonderful knitwear and other accessories that feature bold colorful patterns (some say it's a throwback to the 60s/70s). And Missoni decided to put out a line of home decor and clothing at Target last Tuesday... and nearly every Target had line ups of hundreds of people wanting to purchase the goods, and the overabundance of Missoni-minded visitors to crashed the website that day- repeatedly. And nearly all of the products were sold out. And I kind of wanted to see if there was anything good left! I'm oddly curious that way.

And I was disappointed. They had compiled all the Missoni product in the store into a single stack out at the entrance, and all that remained was a couple of picture frames, a vase, and some clothing. And, I personally came out empty handed. Jackie and Hazel, on the other hand, snagged a dress each. Boo! Both look amazing in their new garb. But, no Missoni for Steve.

MISSONi: failed.

On the bright side, many people have experienced their grief to the whole Missoni fiasco online, and one girl posted a crochet solution: a pattern to imitate this blanket:

Fortunately, I have someone in my life who does a bit of crocheting, and apparently, if I ask really nice (and buy all the different balls of fabric), I just might get my hands on a personalized variation of this chevron-inspired bliss.

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