Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Waste Basket Fusion

Over the past month, these baskets have taken the decorating world by storm, and I figured it'd be a shame to not share them with you! The production company of the product, Areaware (check out the baskets on Areaware's site), describes the baskets as being a "study in contradiction", as they fuse the elemtents of natural rattan with a poppy plastic. At $48 a piece, these baskets are not for the timid, but for those areas of your home that deserve a punchy statement piece. And these baskets certainly take upcycling up to the next level! I would love to even try to fuse one of these together myself from found objects.
I would like this one to come home with me.

They certainly are fascinating to look at, and I could definetly see one of these adding a bit of life to our bathroom!

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