Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Of The Week: Terra Rosa

I am truly smitten with this week's color choice. It's a red-coral-pink sort of blend from Martha Stewart's paint line, and it is fun and vintage; elegant and yet sophisticated. I personally wouldn't venture to paint an entire room with this color, but rather would endulge it with pops on lamps, vases, bowls, and trinkets- especially in a gloss finish! It's a color that is much more lively in person, and quite frankly, the color swatch really doesn't do it justice. This is a color that simply begs to be contrasted, and I would love to see it paired with light blues, chocolate browns, and even pale pinks.

Terra Rosa

I was truly inspired by Terra Rosa when I recently used it to paint my distressed hooks.

I've been noticing a bit of a trend with my Color Of The Week picks- they have been various shades of red for the past few weeks. Months ago, I set out to attempt to like red, and I think I've begun to do that with tones that are personable for myself. I think I'm ready to accept red once again. For now, I'm going to enjoy Terra Rosa and dreaming up all of the great things that I could accomplish with this color.

Terra Rosa adds instant punch to the inside of a shelving unit!

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