Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eve's Bathroom To Go

Sometimes, when I put together these Rooms To Go, there's a furniture or accent piece that really sticks out for me- something hidden and unexpected that craves some more attention. While working on the (Modern) Pretty Dressing Room to Go,  I came across this hand sculpture from Jonathan Adler, Eve Hand. The piece is so smoothly intricate and says a thousand words (odd, considering it's only a hand...). The figure presents a struggle, a sadness, and a sense of intrigue. I picture this object taking center stage on display in a dimly-lit powder room- surrounded with dark walls, with a single pink accent. This seductive bathroom envelopes you with a mysterious nature. As for the purple wall color- I've heard it said that red is the color of passion- if that's true, then deep aubergine is her jealous, older sister.

Slate Grasscloth Wallpaper:


Autumn Purple 2073-20

Rococo Mirror:

Kohler K-3020 Vanity in Black:

Tall Industrial Metal Bath Cabinet:

Diamond Gal Knob for Cabinetry:

On The Rocks Light:

Metropolitan Hook:

Hammam Stripe Hand Towel:

Format Shelf:

Eve Hand:

Small Lantern Bowl:

Cappuchine Bullet Vase:

Metallic Fruit:

Tree Ring Holder:

Lotus Bowl:

Hammam Ceramic Soap Dish:

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