Saturday, May 14, 2011

(Modern) Pretty Dressing Room to Go

Okay, I just couldn't resist myself. After posting Wednesday's Pretty Dressing Room to Go , I just couldn't resist myself- I had to tweak and update it. Again, bare with me, as this is a room put together on speculation alone. Looking back on both rooms, surprisingly the modern version of the dressing room was much more difficult to execute. I wonder if it was because the first room had the restraints of being of a classical time period, where as portraying a modern version presents a vague tone. I suppose anything could be classified as modern, depending on what your definition of modern is.

I did decided to keep the initial framework of the wallpaper and neutral wall color. I want to show that even with the same base, 2 rooms can look entirely different and unique.

Wallpaper behind Vanity:

The St Antoine Papers BP 945

Other Walls:

Pavilion Gray no.242

MALM Occasional Table:

Queen Anne Mirror:

Real Good Chair:

Horsehair Screen:

Chandelier Rug:

TYSNES Table Mirror:

Long Hanging Capiz Pendant Lamp:

Lacquer Stash Box:

Enamel Clover Frame:

Mercer Jewelry Boxes:

Eve Hand:

Lumi Candleholders:

Mimosa Panels- Charcoal:

Juliette Pillow:

Deco Eames Style La Chaise:

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