Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty Dressing Room to Go

This is me stepping out of my comfort zone a bit- for 2 reasons:
1) I've never really used a vanity before, so the elements of this room are all based on speculation alone.
2) Soft pretty pallettes aren't really my thing.

Nevertheless, I think that any designer should challenge himself whenever possible- it allows you to grow and to venture into new territory. Some of the major inspiration for this dressing area came from this image we saw in some William and Kate tribute magazine the other day. In it, was this room lathered with old England wallpaper and decoarted to the nines with trinkets and ornate details. Definetly not my thing. But, it caught me off-guard when Jackie told me that she loved the classical look of rooms like that. And, my theory is that if my wife likes it, then it must be good. So, here is my weak and uneducated attempt at putting together a pretty and ornate dressing area:

Wallpaper behind Vanity:

The St Antoine Papers BP 945

Other Walls:

Pavilion Gray no.242

Cherie Dressing Table:

Waterloo Chair

Cherry Blossom Chandelier:

Winter's Perch Mirror:

Vendome Pillar Holders:

Uncovered Quartz Jewelry Box:

Perfume Bottles:

Swallow in Flight Jewelry Box:

Jeweled Lily Frame:

Avenue Six Curves Tufted Chaise Lounge:

Persian Velvet Pillow:

Blossom Melody by Lynlie Carson:

Viceroy Velvet Curtains:

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