Thursday, May 19, 2011

Library To Go

Imagine, a corner nook- a library, enveloped in rich dark chocolate walls. Surrounded with etheral tones of muted blue and glossy whites- classic. I envision a collection of bookcases- all at varying heights and widths- made uniform by their common glossy white appearance. Amongst these bookcases stacked with books lined up vertically and horizontally, I envision a collection of vases- in varying shades of blue and in a plethora of sheens- adding a little pop of color in the white scheme.

And the best part of the room- the lighting! Multiple styles and varied wottage of lighting is crucial for a functional library space. The floor and table lamps stand as curvaceous as a chess piece, while the hanging pendant illuminates like a modern disco ball. It's high glamour, high academia, and high style.

Wall Color:

Bittersweet Chocolate 2114-10

Ceiling Color:

Porcelain 2113-60

Totem Bookcases:

Carson II White Tower:

Parsons Tower:

Parsons Mirror Console:

Taraxacum 88:

Addison Chair:

Vintage Blossom Azure Pillow:

Distressed Metallic Squares Silver Pillow:

Chimo Fireplace- Large Wave:

King Floor Lamp:

Nixon End Table:

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