Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pesto's Bedroom To Go

Forgive me father for I have sinned.... I went back to my gray ways! Ahh! But I did it with secret motive: to create a bedroom that is seemingly bland in color with a single focal point- the pesto colored throw on the bed. It screams with boldness and silky texture! The appeal of combining very neutral furniture with a single accent color is this: that accent piece can be switched out effortlessly and often to instantly change the dynamics of the room. I know, I technically cheated on my month of boycotting gray- but I like to think that I did so for the greater good :-)

Wall Color:

Frostine AF-5

Modu-licious Bed:

Labyrinth Dove Duet Set:

Mongolian Lamb Pillow:

Bukhara Pillow:

Mohair Throw in Pesto:


Small Ghost Buster:

Milk Bottle Lamp:

Channel Rug:

Lean Mirror:

Chicago 3 Box:

Buttercup Rocker:

IKEA Stockholm Floor Lamp:


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