Monday, May 2, 2011

Entryway To Go

The dreaded foyer! Blech! The worst possible space in any home- right? No room to function. Never enough storage! Always so dirty with little muddy handprints on the walls!- am I right? But I can't help but wonder- does an entryway hold the potential of becoming one's favorite room in the home? I've heard it said that an entryway should prepare guests for "what's to come next" in the house. It should be a small taste- a teaser- of the other rooms.

Ultimately, I believe these things are crucial for a fantastic entry:
-strong lighting, 
-ample storage,
-a place to rest,
-some more storage,
-and a memorable (colorful) point of focus. 

For this Room to Go, the muted, icy  walls present a certain subtlety, but are merely a segue to the pops of purple in the rest of the room, and lends a sense of wonder to other unexpected surprises in the rest of the home. As you can see, an entry doesn't need to be cluttered to make a statement- it only requires a few key items:

Wall Color:

Iced Slate 2130-60

Lavta Coat Stand:

Kast Low Storage:

TRONES Shoe Cabinet:
BESTÅ wall cabinet:

Fl/y Suspension Light:

Painted Aspen Print:
Francois Ghost Mirror:

Hand Drawn Lace Printed Rug:

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