Sunday, May 22, 2011

Robo-Room to Go

The mind of a child is something that is equally reckless and blossoming- always cradling the verge of both worlds. Surrounding a child in a living space that will nurture their existence and help them to become more constructive persons is essential. Contrary to popular belief, I'm generally of the opinion of children having brightly colored rooms- as much of the rest of their growing up will be tainted with neutrals, so let's give them a colorful start.

This started out as a gender-neutral room, but took a boy-ish twist pretty quickly once the robot wallpaper came into play. I envision this space to be one where imagination can take flight through creativity and play. An unexpected punch of orange keeps the palette from becoming too stagnant. One of my favorite features of the room is the Training Dresser- a dresser that is child height, that teaches how to properly arrange clothing. Although the stark white dresser adds some well-needed balance to this bedroom, I imagine that if that same dresser found it's way into our home, that it would probably would get painted pretty quickly.

Wall Color- Bright Lime 2025-10

Chalkboard Paint:

Robots Wallpaper:

Ayres Twin Bed:

Skyline Duvet Set:

Robo-Throw Pillow- Teal:

Training Dresser:

STUVA Storage Combination with Bench:


FILLSTA Table Lamp:

SKOJIG Pendant Lamp:

Elephant Bookshelf:


Rocket Money Bank:

Say Hello to my Little Whale Print:

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