Wednesday, May 4, 2011

(Ghost) Room To Go

Glass, acrylic, and lucite are some of the easiest ways to decorate if you're low on space, but still need a classy look. Depending on what other items decorative items surround them, opting for these materials provides a modern or traditional presence. Throw a glass coffee table into your living room scheme and you've instantly got the function, and didn't have to sacrifice much of the space visually. Keep in mind that this look is very feminine and soft, and a little too much of it could be over the top!

And, once again, I've gone over the top: almost everything in this room is either clear or sheer. These items are  meant to collaborate for a small vignette- maybe a nook at the end of the hallway that you just aren't sure what to do with. To compete with the soft ambience, I've selected a masculine muted teal for the accent wall color. Taking inspiration from the clock featured in the collection, I call this the Ghost room- when properly executed, it's barely there.

Main Wall Color:

Deep in Thought AF-30

Accent Wall Color:

Buckland Blue HC-151

Vapor Chair:

Deconstructed Rose Pillow:

Peekaboo Clear Console:

Preston Pillar Holders:

Ghost Clock:

Hour Glass:

Orchid in Glass Vase:

Glass Jug Table Lamp:

Mirror-Framed Mirror:

Calais Chandelier:

Tweet Panels- Sheer White:

Indochine Rug- Platinum:

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