Monday, May 9, 2011

Living Room to Go: Modern Optimism

The thing with orange is, when the shade is right- you just can't help from feeling good! (unless you work at Home Depot, and are always surrounded by the shade...)

This room reflects some very modern elements: streamlined yellow sofas, white arm chairs enveloped in a metal frame, a rug drenched in typography, and stainless accent tables. I imagine this room scheme to work well in a large expanse with high ceilings- with a wall of floor to ceiling windows (left bare with no coverings).

The floor color listed isn't a suggestion to match a hardwood or laminate with- rather, it's the actual paint color (with a bit of sheen) that should be painted onto the floor, over the existing surface. Most people are quite apprehensive to paint over their existing flooring- and who can blame them?- but doing so can be great for problematic areas, and can give an edgy, warehouse feel.

At the onset of planning this Room To Go, the armchair was my favorite piece. Now, I've become quite fond of the coffee table; you just can't beat a raw, natural look- especially when the material looks a bit weathered and reclaimed. Furniture shouldn't be available for resting on- it should tell a story. Listen up.

Wall Color:

Charlotte's Locks no.268


Tanner's Brown no.255


Blackened no. 2011

Parlour Lemongrass Sofa:

Aged Planks Coffee Table:

Letterpress Rug:

LC2 Chair:

Chestnut Pillows:

Stainless Cube Accent Table:

Slat Rack:

Lombok Pottery:

Beacon Floor Lamp:

Framed Alanna Cavanagh print:

Queen Anne Mirror:

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