Friday, May 13, 2011

Color Of the Week: Sweet Orange

"Here's your 3 options" she texted to me, while I was at work the other night:
"Eccentric Lime, Spring Azalea, or Sweet Orange"

Sweet Orange 2017-40

As part of Hazel's mini-room-makeover, we recently bought her a STUVA shelf from IKEA (of course), which will soon be wall-mounted above her dresser.... I'm still not 100% sure how to go about wall mounting it, but I'm sure it'll get done. The shelf looks nice and bright against her new wall color- but we decided to inject some vibrancy into the unit by painting the back panel a bright color. And Jackie narrowed the color options to 3: Green, Pink, or Orange... And orange it was- because we're pretty sure that it's Hazel's favorite color, and because we're lacking some of those warm toned colors in our place.

While I was prepping the paint, Hazel jumped right into
 the cabinet and had some playtime.

I just mixed up a little tester pot of color, and when I brought it home, Jackie noted that the paint looked like a tub of nacho cheese- which, admittedly, did taint the painting experience a bit. But, the paint job looks great- and no nacho chips were harmed in the process.

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