Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Palette to Go: Ginseng Tea Towel

I came across this tea towel from Jonathan Adler the other night. Love it! It's called the Ginseng Tea Towel. He also has an Oolong Tea Towel. How did no one think of this before- naming a tea towel after tea. Brilliant.

Anyways, in my continuous effort to help you see the colors all around us, I've extracted 4 paint colors out of this tea towel that provide an instant framework and palette for a room. I realize that these are varied shades of red and pink- and some may frown at this. There are naysayers that sneer at red and pink even being in the same sentence- let alone in the same room. But here's my rationale- it looks good on the towel, so why not?!

Ginseng Tea Towel

Camelia Pink 2093-50

Spring Tulips 2001-30

Exotic Red 2086-10

Raisin Torte 2083-10

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