Friday, May 6, 2011

Gimmick of the Day: GreenBo Planters

As you probably know, I love my bright terra-cotta pots dearly- sometimes more than the plants themselves- but, if I could start all over again, I'd probably invest in some of these:

These are rail planters from Greenbo- a unique solution for growing plants in a small setting. Apparantley, they're at the Home Depot, (in the USA only, I just found out after running a quick system check at work. bah)

 For apartment-dwellers, you can attach them to a balcony railing. For those with a fenced backyard- rest them on the fence. The planter definetly frees up some floor space. You can get them in 8 different colors- and they're even safe from tilting off a railing. And- my favorite feature- the bottoms snap off to become removable drip trays for drainage.

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