Friday, May 6, 2011

Faux Taxidermy: Trend or Disaster?

I see it at least once in every issue of Style At Home, House & Home, and House Beautiful magazines: the likeness of an animal's head mounted in the home of some interior designer. But I seldom see an actual head of antlers- instead, I see cardboard deer, a lucite elk, and a wallpapered lump designed to look like a moose. I already have qualms about hunting for sport and showcasing the kill.... but really?- cardboard deer? Are people too disgusted with real animal flesh on their walls, but still want the status quo of being a hunter? Seems like it's either a pretty big cop out, or an attempt at creativity gone awry. Faux taxidermy... a trend that needs to fizzle out and go away.

Cardboard Deer-  the DIY of fake, dead animals

Cableknit deer: taxidermy that even your Grandma can appreciate.

How about a nice mounted zebra?

T-Rex Taxideermy- the wave of the future?

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  1. Aw, cute. You're trying to learn how to think. Tell you what, though. You need to go away.