Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hazel's Sunny Spot.

Hazel is only 13 months old, and she has already transitioned through 3 different bedroom wall colors. Impressive!

I think that when we originally chose Hazel's bedroom color, we really take into consideration that her bedroom is techincally a den, doesn't have a window, and lacks a presence of natural light. Thus, the purple we picked- which, really isn't that dark, took on the appearance of being 2 shades darker than what we anticipated. And, the colorants in it were so strong, there were times when it seemed like her walls were glowing. And, even though we loved the purple, we didn't love the room, and made it hard to even want to be in it.

California Lilac 2068-40 (the old color)

Serenity 2055-60 (the new color!)
And so, back to the drawing board- to find a color that would feel feminine, not to old, and would lighten the mood of her bedroom. Enter Serenity 2055-60- a robin's egg blue that flowed seamlessly with the objects that are already in her room, and provides a backdrop for many possibilites.

Hazel loves helping out in our garden. and the theme that we've chosen for her room- is Hazel's garden! We plan on painting some flowers, maybe a bird or two, on the wall beside her crib. It's slowly coming together.

The "before" picture

Blue on left/ old purple on right-
what a difference between the two colors!

We painted 10 inches of cloud cover from the ceiling
for a playful atmosphere.

Here's that punch of orange in her cabinet that I recently blogged
about. I like to think of it as a bit of sunshine in her room.

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