Monday, May 30, 2011

DIY Pendant Light On The Cheap!

I've been eyeballing some of these web-like pendants from Design Within Reach lately. But they can run up $650 just for a small one! Ack! Here's a simple DIY on how you can acheive the exact same result for under $20.

-Yarn (any color of your choice!) You'll probably need a few balls of it to get going.
-A balloon.
-Fabric Stiffener
-Some plastic sheeting to lay down, so you don't make a mess!
-HEMMA Light Cord Set
-Fishing Wire

1. Blow up the balloon to approx 85% of its capacity. Tie the balloon shut with the yarn, using a simple slip knot.

2. Drench the yarn in the fabric stiffener. Make sure that it is very saturated! Begin to wrap the yarn around the balloon in random circular patterns.

3. Keep going until you've covered the balloon to an amount that pleases you.

4. Untie the end of the balloon, and blow just a bit more air in (as it dries, the balloon can have a tendency to sag- blowing more air in will lessen the sag).

5. Hang the balloon to dry for 24 hours. And pop the balloon.

6. Insert the light into the pendant, and keep the light centered by wrapping some fishing wire to the light cord, where the pendant and cord meet.

7. Hang and enjoy!

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