Monday, May 2, 2011


Even though she's only 13 months, whenever we're in the kitchen, it seems like all our daughter wants to do is lend a hand. Whether it's lending a hand with dinner, or helping me unload the dishwasher, we've come to realize she's quite the helpful child! This has prompted the conversation of whether or not we should get her a play kitchen- something small, that would perhaps fit in our own kitchen, where she can help mommy and daddy "make" a meal. But with so many options out there, the task seems a bit daunting.

For $80, we could get the latest Fisher Price model that incorporates both playtime and learning:

For $150, we could get the ultra modern-Swedish DUKTIG Kitchen from IKEA, that actually looks like a kitchen:

Or...maybe...there could be another option:

That IKEA kitchen does look pretty similar to some parts I recently saw in the AS-IS section at IKEA... and I'm sure with a bit of paint, maybe some wallpaper, a small cabinet, some nice pulls and knobs, maybe some metallic paint for appliances, and some child-safe round corners... we might be able to make our own!

I sense another project coming on...

If we follow through and put something like this together, I'd want it to be one complete unit- and wouldn't want to include every kitchen appliance. What do you think would be the essentials to have included in a kids play kitchen?

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