Saturday, May 21, 2011

Improving Curb Appeal

With longer days and warmer nights, the spring air is hinting that summer is on its way. The focus from interior activities shifts outwards as barbecques and picnics are planned. And just think of the late night summer walks- and all the neighbors who will be strolling past your own home... is it summer ready? Is your home's exterior in desperate need of a facelift? I'm not suggesting you re-paint your siding or re-shingle the roof, but instead, consider indulging in one of these mini-projects to give your home a well-needed boost!

1. Paint your front door a bold and funky color! While painting a door red has become the staple and mild indulgence for many- you should also explore the purples, the teals, and the yellows of the paint store to personalize your home. It will add instant excitement for all who enter your home!

2. Update that mailbox: buy a new one that is streamlined with clean lines, or bust out the spray paint and give your old one some new life.

Postino Mailbox

3. Plant some bright and cheery flowers- either in pots or in a garden bed. Flowers will add softness to any home, and will give you ultimate individuality- as no two gardens will ever be the same.

4. Are your house numbers looking a little tired and rusty? Buy some new ones! House numbers now are available in many colors, fonts, and even with LED lighting. There are many options out there to suit whatever your style is.

House numbers from Design Within Reach

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