Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Palette To Go: Peacock Pillow

If you've ever re-decorated or changed the wall color before, you've found yourself in this situation: you own all this great furniture and accents, but you have no clue what color to paint the walls. Should you go with a neutral? An off-white? Maybe something bold and bright? Where to begin!?

Well, in truth, the options are truly all around you. They're found in your bedsheets, they're dancing in framed artwork, and resting on a throw pillow beside you. The easiest way to find a color that works is to pull one out of what you already own. It's no secret- designers do it every single day!

Below I've selected a beautiful throw pillow and have extracted 4 colors from it to show that a palette can be created out of what you own- instantly!

Peacock Azure Pillow

Blue Spa 2052-40

Simply White OC-117

Deer Granite CC-452
Onyx 2133-10

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