Thursday, May 5, 2011

Color Of the Week

This week's color is...


Just kidding.

This week's color actually is called Royal Flush 2076-20. And you're going to love it. Here's why:

-This is the perfect marriage of pink and purple.
-This is the colletive color of berries.
-In 1999 Nintendo released a Gameboy in this exact shade.
-It's just begging to be paired with a lime green.
-It's also dying to be matched with a periwinkle blue.
-Purple was the "it" color. This is her second-cousin.
-Think of how sexy this would look as a feature wall in your bedroom.
-This variation of magenta makes magenta cool again!
-This color almost has a flavor about it- a natural sweetness
-Because deep down, we all love pink and purple at their boldest. It's inescapable.
-Who wouldn't want to win a royal flush?

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